Zillow Acquires Trulia

The rumor is confirmed, Zillow acquires Trulia!


In a recent meeting that my company had, we dove a little deeper into the statistics of the "best" search engines for the housing market for our clients. Zillow was by far number #1 and Trulia was listed at #2. However, REALTOR.com data was the most accurate. Our local Greenville MLS updates REALTOR.com every 15 minutes but only updates Zillow and Trulia 4 times per day. REALTOR.com is making great strides in generating more robust traffic since the roll out of their new "Accuracy Matters" Campaign. 

In this article, the press release states, "The combined company will maintain both the Zillow and Trulia consumer brands, offering buyers, sellers, homeowners and renters access to vital information about homes and real estate for free, and providing advertising and software solutions that help real estate professionals grow their business."

It will be interesting to see the changes and improvements that will come from this acquisition! I find that buyers send me houses that they want to see and so often the houses are already under contract, and sometimes even sold and they still show as active on these sites. The best rule of thumb is to continue to send houses to your REALTOR, who has the only true accurate information on MLS before you fall in love with something.