Fresh Evergreens Make the Perfect Wreath!

I use artificial wreaths in different places on the outside of my house, but I love a fresh wreath welcoming guests at the front door.  You can spend a lot for a fresh wreath at a nursery, but this year I opted to buy a less expensive wreath on a tree lot and enhance it. It's so easy to pick greenery from your yard and add it to the wreath.  It gives it interest and depth.

I used boxwoods, magnolia, holly and some cypress.  You can use camelia leaves, azaleas - anything evergreen.  It will all last until Christmas and not turn brown.

Guaranteed yours will look as good as the expensive ones at the nursery

You can leave it this way for a natural look or add a burlap bow.  If you like color, you can add colored balls, garland, ribbon.  The possibilities are endless.  Use the colors you love.