A Look through the KALEIDOSCOPE: Mum is the Word!

My mom is one of the most talented "home decorators" that I know. She is going to be a featured blogger on my site in the next couple of months, giving tips, tricks & wisdom around all things home, garden & decorating! You'll know her "posts" by the kaleidoscope pictures kicking off each trick of the trade! 

Mum is the Word!

With the cooler temperatures, it’s time to do some fun yard work. Mum’s are everywhere now. Costco has 12" mums for $10.00. That’s a steal! The blossoms haven’t popped yet (which is how you want to buy them) and they will be beautiful for at least a month. They may even last until Thanksgiving. This is a great way to decorate your front porch and door with some fall color.

After they have bloomed and start to turn brown, you can plant them in your yard or a planter for a repeat next year. Mine come back every year!