Balancing Faith and Success

I was honored and humbled to be asked to sit down and talk to a local writer a few months ago to tell her a little bit about me and my story -both in real estate and "behind the sign." Here is the article that she came up with from our time together. 

Maggie Aiken, a Greenville native joined the corporate world after graduating from Clemson in 2009. She started working for SYNNEX Corporation as the Microsoft Marketing Manager and realized that the corporate world was not where she felt called to be.

“My mom always told me I needed to be in sales and I thought about going into real-estate but jumping into a commission only job being single really scared me, then one day I realized that I can’t spend my life waiting on that, so I decided to go for it and give it all I had.”

Maggie took a huge leap of faith and jumped full force into the real-estate world working for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices C. Dan Joyner REALTORS, three and a half years ago- just as the market began heating up. “I was blessed to be busy from the time I started. (Selling 33 houses the first year). The second year I won Best and Brightest under 35 and the #3 Agent over all in 2014. And then last year I received “Best Realtor of the Upstate” and #3 Agent again for C. Dan Joyner REALTORS in 2015.

After her first year of real estate, Maggie was nominated to a National REThink Council for Berkshire Hathaway. The REThink Council consists of 12 agents under 35 who are rising stars in the real estate industry and meet quarterly to be a “think-tank” for the Berkshire Hathaway executives. “It is an awesome resource both for the agents on the council and the Berkshire Hathaway brand. When we get together we discuss where the real estate marketing is heading nation-wide. We also discuss innovating ideas to make your brand stand out. We brainstorm with each other and bring ideas back to our company to motivate and inspire other agents to stay on top of their game as well.”

Maggie says her success is largely due to her passion for the business and building relationships. “I just try to take care of people the best I can, and I believe that if you take care of people, they will take care of you.”

Maggie’s other joy is student ministry. She leads a 9th grade girls group at Grace Church. “In this season of life, it is easy for my time to be completely focused on myself, so I try to be a good steward of my time and pour into other people. High School is a trajectory for the rest of your life and where you go and who you are going to be. These kids are making big decisions while also trying to grow up and mature. It was hard when we were growing up but there are a lot of things the kids these days have to deal with that we didn’t (mainly the presence of social media, apps, new technology). As leaders we try to be a stable constant in their lives, meeting them where they are and speaking truth into their lives, loving them well & through that ultimately teaching them the gospel.”

Maggie recently went to Kenya last summer with YoungLife and worked in Nairobi as work crew for 2 weeks at the summer camps. She says she learned more from that trip than she could’ve dreamed. Maggie says she saw God everywhere she went.

“You can’t describe the joy that people have in Africa. They have an unwavering faith that cannot be shaken because it is not based on their circumstances,” she said. “They are joyful in all things and here we thought we were going to bring the gospel to Africa, but they taught me more about the love and power in Christ than I think they even realize. They served us from the moment we got there until the time we left. I think America needs what Africa has in a big way. “

For Maggie, the Christian principals play largely in part with her career. She sees her job as a service and not a means to an end. ““It is more than just a sale to me, I love the excitement of looking into someone’s eyes and knowing that this is the perfect house for them. That it is where they are going to raise their family,” she said. “That moment is what drives me and makes me tick. A lot of the clients that I have end up turning into friendships that go far beyond them buying or selling their home. I am always asking myself how I can best serve my clients and make it as smooth and stress free as possible.”

When you’re as busy as Maggie- who serves also on the United Way YP20 Council- making time for yourself is a challenge. She takes Sundays off to regroup. “Sundays are awesome for me to say- I’m not in full control of all this.” She has to give herself time to rejuvenate, she says, or she’s no good to anyone.

“Part of my story that is really cool is the amount of success that I have had in a short amount of time - that is super humbling. I work hard and try to take care of people. I definitely don’t take that part for granted and I think that’s a big piece of what makes me different from other agents.”

Maggie’s success is shown through holding the #3 spot two out of her 3 years in real estate in an agency of 400, and this success she contributes largely to her faith.

“I also realize it is crazy that I have had this kind of success in three years. To be the #3 agent for the past 2 years when I’ve only been in it 3 years is really humbling. I think I’ve sold approximately 150 houses in the past three years.”

Looking for a house? Talk to Maggie here: ,  or call her cell at 864-616-4280