#EducateYourself with this Step-By-Step Toolkit for the Mortgage Process!

I can't say that I was super pumped to go to our continuing ed class on Monday, but alas, no choice. One of the things that we did through the class, was working through this handy-dandy Step by Step Toolkit for buyers about what to expect and how to figure the math around the mortgage process. It explains it in a way that is understandable, in a world and process that can often feel very confusing and out of your comfort zone, if you are a non-math person like I am!

Step by Step Toolkit.JPG

It has really awesome Steps with calculators and breakdowns that make my Type A, detail-oriented heart soo very happy!

Step by Step.JPG

So much good stuff. Apparently lenders are supposed to give this out and go through it, but something tells me they don't always? I am happy and excited to possess this resource, and would love to send you a downloaded link to work through. Shoot me a message on my Contact Me page on my website by clicking here, and I'll shoot you one!